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About Me

Let me tell you a little about myself and the yoga journey I have travelled for the past 30 years. When I first began practising at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, in Putney, it was 1987 and yoga was still a little bit oddball, no fancy clothes and even fewer studios .. I never found a ‘guru’ to follow, but what I did find was a lifestyle, a whole new way of living and being.  I’ve had times over the years where I haven’t practised that much, but I have found is that the yoga lifestyle is forgiving and even if you don’t practice for a bit, it never leaves you, it’s always there.

Georgie B

I headed off to the Sivananda’s ashram in Kerala, India in 1999 to do my 200hr training.  Ever since, I have sought out new teachers and styles and have always been drawn to yoga that nurtured and provided to support to people when they most need it.

Training with Yoga Biomedical Trust in Yoga Therapy, based on the timeless teachings of Krishnmacharya and TVK Desikachar, I learnt that everyone can do yoga, it just needs to be adapted sometimes. I learnt so many things and I have found that my training in Yoga Therapy has been the backbone of my classes and 1-2-1’s ever since. I realised that while giving people what they think they want in class yoga can also give what we unknowingly need.

My yoga and practice comes from a place of listening deeply within, and I continue to seek out, and study with people who both practice and support this. I have been so lucky to be able to count Doug Keller, Francoise Freedman, Donna Farhi and Lesley Kaminoff  among those I have listened to and learnt from. I love going back to the Yoga Sutras and teachings and finding ways to incorporate these into my life, as a mother, a yoga teacher and as a human.

I also provide the Bowen Technique (works brilliantly alongside yoga!). See the Bowen pages for more information on this incredible technique for ease in the body.